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Events, workshops and inspiration for flute players of all ages and abilities

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Welcome to the 4Flutes website!

Here you will find everything you need to know about 4Flutes, our workshops and events. Whether you’re studying the flute at school or haven’t played since you left school 4Flutes offers opportunities for all flute players whatever age or ability. Choose from informal flute choir workshops or larger events with international flute players all aimed to explore the flute and its repertoire, learn something new and meet other players.

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10th Birthday event

- Now to practise making all those weird sounds in the privacy of my own home!

- Playing on saturday morning with everyone together was fun and would like to do more

- It's always an inspiration to hear the pro's playing, made me want to dig out all the flute music I own and play lots!!

The history of 4Flutes

4Flutes is an independent registered charity set up in 2003 as a continuation for the ideas and previous events of Ruth Ballantyne. Ruth had already held four events in the southwest starting in 1999 for flute players of all abilities.

The ethos behind 4Flutes is to bring to the southwest performers and teachers that would usually only be available in the major British cities/counties. Since 2003 4Flutes has hosted events with leading national and international flute players such as Mike Mower, Jonathan Snowden, Clare Southworth, Ian Clarke, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Mclearnon and Emma Williams to visit us and share their talent and experience with children and adults alike.

These events have highlighted new techniques, reinforced general playing skills and encouraged players to aspire to a new level of playing as well as stimulating curiosity for new music and expanding their repertoire. Furthermore to have FUN!

4Flutes aims to bring opportunities to the southwest that are both affordable and accessible to pupils, parents and in general lovers of live music.

Flute choir workshops



“I do not consider my self as having mastered the flute, but I get a real kick out of trying.

James Galway

Thank you for a wonderful weekend..the girls had a fantastic time and all those involved with 4flutes made them feel so welcome...It was a great experience for them and meeting and working with Ian Clarke was amazing!! We hope to be back soon! GRACIAS!

Brunel bridge walk 2015